About us


Leading manufacturer of a line of antiseptics in Uzbekistan

BioCosmetics is a manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture and sale of household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics.

For more than 6 years, BioCosmetics has been successfully developing, manufacturing and selling household chemicals, beauty products and antiseptic gels and sprays under the trademark "Baw"

All products are developed from European raw materials and comply with the European standard. We brought the unique English technology to improve our production, and all products are of the highest quality.

During our activity, we have developed more than 12 types of antiseptics prescribed for the care of hands, feet and oral cavity. They also introduced a whole line of antibacterial gels and sprays for children's hygiene. Our antiseptics are in great demand in schools, hotels, restaurants, coffee houses and in the largest medical clinics in Tashkent.

BioCosmetics also makes products to keep our homes clean and comfortable, including fabric softeners, air fresheners, dishwashers and all-purpose cleaners.

BioCosmetics always takes care of its consumers, for this purpose it uses environmentally friendly products in production. Every year, our company conducts consumer surveys, thereby paying attention to all reviews. works to improve the quality, functionality and appearance of products.

Our team consists of young and talented employees who work with enthusiasm to develop new technologies, expand the range, promote and grow the company. Today BioCosmetics is a leader in the production of antiseptics and antibacterial gels, preserving and protecting the health of Uzbeks.

Our company has a huge potential in the market and our goal is to protect the health of our entire country.